Entries by Dr. Wolfgang H. Mahr

What to implement first – ISO 22301 or ISO 27001? BCM or ITSEC?

Learn here about the possible sequence of ISO 27001/22301 implementation and see what are the important decision criteria. Implementing ISO management system standards, even with the help of toolkits and consultants may be a challenging task. In practice, sometimes it seems appropriate to enhance preparedness and protection in several areas of an organization, covering multiple […]

Business Continuity? Don’t worry; my IT department takes care …

Confusion about mixing up business continuity management and information security or IT disaster recovery is widespread. Let’s set things straight. For outsiders, it’s not easy to distinguish the specific purposes of business continuity (BCM), information security (IS) and IT disaster recovery (IT DR). All three areas have something to do with “security”, “losses”, “disasters” and […]

Organizational Resilience – another buzzword?

Learn how ISO 22316 complements the standards on BCM (ISO 22301) and information security (ISO 27001), enhancing organizational resilience. Do we really need this new approach? What’s actually new? Both management systems standards on information security (ISO 27001) and business continuity (ISO 22301), while trying to encompass the whole organization, still lack components and dimensions […]

Incidents in ISO 22301 vs ISO 27001 vs ISO 20000 vs ISO 28003

Learn the difference between incidents and events as well as how different ISO standards (e.g. ISO 27001, ISO 20000, ISO 22301,…etc.) approach incident management Management system standards, especially those dealing with security and interruptions of business processes use the term incident management. As these management system standards deal with different aspects of managing business processes […]

Business Continuity Kontinuierlicher Verbesserungsprozess: Vorteile mit ISO 22301

Erfahren Sie, mit welchen Komponenten Ihr Business Continuity Ansatz kontinuierlich verbessert werden kann: Festlegen des Umfangs, Lernen und Ausbildung, Engagement des Managements, externe Beurteilung sowie weitere Komponenten sind entscheidend. „…eine volle Implementation stellt recht hohe Ansprüche an die Organisation“ Wie mit jedem ISO Management Standard, ist auch bei ISO 22301 das Ignorieren eines kontinuierlichen Verbesserungsprozesses […]

The challenging role of the ISO 22301 BCM Manager

Not an easy job The Business Continuity Management (BCM) manager plays a pivotal role in the implementation of a BCM approach. As such, the role faces multiple challenges, from both top management and key process owners within the organization. As BCM is considered to be a cost factor in the first place, proper funding and commitment […]