BCM Business Continuity Consulting and Training

…your upgrade to first class resilience:

BCI Good Practice Guidelines Training (CBCI)
Casablanca, Morocco 28 November to 02 December 2016

This training course is based in the material and experience of www.thebci.org and is locally organized by the Synergy Innovation Group, Casablanca, in cooperation with the Emirates Institute of Health and Safety.

For details contact the Synergy Innovation Group at contact@is-quality.com.

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What is

Business Continuity?

If an unprepared organization is hit by a crisis, the consequences might be grave. As a result this is why it is important to prepare for such an event and upgrade your organization to first class resilience. Most noteworthy, training helps to implementing a business continuity management (BCM) approach.

Consider human losses, destroyed tools and unhappy customers and you will agree: “Better safe than sorry”.

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